Peter Brooks, M.Sc., P.G.C.E., C.Psychol., A.F.B.Ps.S.

Peter Brooks operates an extensive private clinical practice in the UK and across Europe, with much work in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland, whilst living in East Anglia in the UK. He spends about one week every two months working in Europe, and at least one week per month in the Surrey area. He is able to work with adults and children in English, German and Dutch / Flemish.


He has worked as an Educational Psychologist in the UK for fifteen years in a local education authority. This involved responsibility for all children within an area and work within most sectors of special education including dyslexia/specific learning difficulties (in which he was specialist psychologist), moderate and severe learning difficulties, sensory and physical handicaps, and emotional and behaviour difficulties. He was Principal Educational Psychologist of the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre from 1992 to 1999.


He has lectured to many groups including London, Surrey and Southampton Universities, and international conferences and training programmes.


He has a particular interest in dyslexia, and has undertaken research with Professor Margaret Snowling on teaching strategies and severe dyslexics. He managed a research project into teaching spellings to 6 to 7 year old children who were at risk of literacy failure. This major project completed in 1998, and was funded through the Department for Education and Employment. Findings included work linking at-risk children’s learning strategies to their cognitive development, and impressive results in applying individual learning strategies across all children in mainstream schools. Current interests include further work upon teaching strategies, the use of IT resources in dyslexia, mathematics and measures of phonology. He was a member of a research team at the University of Surrey under Dr. John Everatt with a particular interest in literacy and mathematical development, and dyslexia, and continues to work with Dr. Everatt in his position as Professor at the University of Christchurch, New Zealand.


Publications have included a range of educational and psychological papers, the Helen Arkell Spelling Test, the Adult Reading Test, an adult Web-based screening test (, and contributing author to the Phonological Assessment Battery.